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Miss Becca Dinerman
Welcome to Hope Elementary School!  I am so excited to be joining the Hope community and partnering with our fabulous students, families, and community, in order to provide the best education possible for our students.  I can't wait to welcome all of your smiling faces back to school on Tuesday, September 6th for the start of our 2022-2023 school year!  I look forward to a year full of academic and social/emotional growth for all.  I can't wait to see all of the amazing things you learn, create, and do in your classrooms...expect to see me visiting each room often!  Here at Hope, we believe that parent participation is key to student success.  I welcome ongoing communication and feedback with all families...my door is always open!  I look forward to working with you, your children, and the community.  Let's make the 2022-2023 school year at Hope the best one yet!

- Miss Becca Dinerman, Principal

Who we are:

Hope Elementary School sits on Route 116 as you enter Hope Village. The historic brick building has that charming schoolhouse feel both inside and out. The entire school community prides itself on a collaborative, nurturing, and trusting environment where all stakeholders feel supported and encouraged to take risks, stretch themselves academically, socially, and emotionally through perseverance and a growth mindset. Building relationships with families, staff, students, and the community is what drives our success. Countless visitors and families have commented that as they enter the school they can sense the positive vibe that permeates the space.

   As the only Title I one school in the district, we utilize our federal funds to strengthen teaching and learning to address the needs and challenges of our disadvantaged population. We continuously analyze data to identify gaps and implement evidence-based programs and strategies to close them. The diversity a Title I school creates is what makes Hope unique.

   At Hope, we are particularly proud of the opportunities students have to feel connected to staff and one another. We have a shared commitment to provide deliberate ways to engage our learners in clubs to strengthen their bond with school. These activities are offered during the day and include Lego Club, Art Club, Student Council, Chorus, and Yoga. In addition, our PTA works endlessly to coordinate family events, after-school enrichment programs, and fund assemblies and field trips. One of the biggest takeaways is that we honor the work of our entire community and embrace our “we not me” attitude. We not only care for the needs of the community but more importantly we care for one another. This shared responsibility is why we say “there’s no place like Hope.” Please search #HopeSchoolRI on Twitter to see firsthand the wonderful things going on in our in school.


The mission of the Hope Elementary School Community is to provide all students with a strong foundation of knowledge and skills by creating a safe and nurturing environment to become responsible, successful and contributing citizens in a continually changing world.


The vision of our school is to prepare and motivate students by instilling in them critical reasoning skills, respect for themselves and one another and a commitment to excellence, kindness and perseverance.

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  • 7.42:1 Student to Teacher ratio
  • 95% of students feel like there is an adult they can talk to in their school
  • 85% of students report their teachers encourage them
  • 86% of students would be excited to have their teachers again
  • 81% of students feel like their school is a positive place
  • 81% of students feel their teachers are respectful towards them
  • 4.4% Teacher Absenteeism

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